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Mwali International Services Authority License Verification

Status: Active
Company name: EXO Broker AG
Company number: HY00922017
License number: T2022131
Date of incorporation: September 20, 2022
License end date: September 20, 2024
Date: July 04, 2024

License Verification Terms and Conditions

This license verification page is provided as a service to verify the present licensing status of the Company and Website named above, who operates under license reference T2022131 Mwali International Services Authority.

Creating or maintaining any links from another website to this License Verifications page without our prior written permission is prohibited.

For authenticity, make sure that URL of this website starts with If you are not sure, please check the licensee register on

M.I.S.A. is aware of a number of cloned websites and fake licenses. The public is hereby informed that M.I.S.A. does not have any pages at Wordpress, Facebook, Blogspot, Instagram, TikTok, nor at .org domains. If you come across websites claiming to be official M.I.S.A. websites on these domains be aware they are fraudulent and please report immediately to and to your local law enforcement authorities. One of these fake sites includes images of fake certificates in M.I.S.A. house style with text in Latin language! Do not allow yourself to be scammed! M.I.S.A. does not receive any payments except from regulated agents and trust companies. You cannot register a company or open an account direct with M.I.S.A. You are on the only official M.I.S.A. website and if a company or bank is not listed on this site, it is a scam!!!